Have you written a clarity and priority document where you have stated all that you desire to be, do, and have in your ideal life?

Are you completely clear about what you want to be, do, and have?

Do you trust that you can get there?

Are you transparent with yourself and completely honest where improvements in your life are necessary?

Are you regularly taking a step back to objectively look at your life to figure out what you want more of and what you do not want to experience anymore?

Role models

Have you found people you admire to benchmark your life experience to theirs?

Do you have the ability to fill in the gaps between your role models and yourself?

Healing the past

Have you described in detail experiences in your past that you disliked​, hated, or felt deeply uncomfortable about, to make sure you understand your decision process that led to these experiences so that you learn to make better decisions for better experiences in your present and your future?

Are you unclear about your decisions that led to your bad experiences?

Are you willing to take full responsibility for all your experiences: past, present, and future?

Do you know how to reframe your memories, good and bad?

Do you engage in issues that don't really matter to you? If yes, do you know how to put an end to this unsatisfying behavior?


Do you have the self-confidence and self-trust that you can achieve your goals on your own?

What kind of training do you require to achieve your goals?

Are you willing to retrain yourself to have more pleasurable life experiences?

Are you willing to accept these challenges?

Are you willing to have a better life?



Does your life feel out of balance?​

Are you clear about what will restore balance in your life?

Do you fear to live always the same experiences as in the past?

Do you fear the repercussions of living the same experiences over and over again in your life?

Do you live a life that feels safe and secure?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by life challenges and possibilities?

Do you know how to make a set of relevant choices to deal with the overwhelm and/or possibilities in your life?

Do you have someone in your life who can give you personalized suggestions for training opportunities to get more money, more love, and more time, hence give yourself the opportunity to go above and beyond what you ever thought possible?


Are you focusing on pleasurable short-term experiences?

Are you focusing on salient events or on painful incidents?

Do you feel that you are always "putting out fires" and living in the urgency of the moment?

If yes, is this suffocating you?

Self-focused or others-focused

Do you acknowledge and celebrate your small and big victories?

Are you equipped to deal with the rocky moments of life?

Are you making a difference in other people's lives?

Are you acknowledging the contributions of others in your life?

Are you actively engaged in your life?

Hope and happiness

Do you feel inauthentic or irrelevant?​

Does your life feel inauthentic or irrelevant?

Do you believe things will get better in your life?

Do you have a positive and valuable roadmap for your life?

Do you feel healthy, vibrant, and energetic?

Do you know how to snap out of crises, or are you just stumbling from one crisis to another?

Do you have somebody in your life who can highlight examples of how your life can support you and who has done it before you? In other words, do you have a successful mentor you can count on to guide you in your day-to-day life?