#4 Greatness

Transcript of the video

G stands for Gemma; S stands for Sascha

G: Hello guys, how are you today?

We are very happy to be together today and to bring to you the “How you too can win an award” series and the topic today is Greatness.

S: Good morning, or good afternoon or good evening depending on where you are, of course, in this world.

G: The idea of “greatness” came yesterday when we were watching the Super Bowl, and I did remember a lot of time when I saw people say “it’s not about football, it’s about greatness” or “it’s not about basketball, it’s about greatness” and then, going further it was like “actually, this is true. When you are at the ultimate mastery of your art, whatever it is, it’s not about your art anymore. It’s about the message of love, of unity, of hope, of greatness that you convey through your art which is just an expression of it. What would you say?

S: You know, what greatness really is? It’s not only the commitment or the dedication to be your best self, to thrive for your excellence, but also to uplift others, to help others see their own greatness within themselves, and to help them up – if they want to be helped obviously – and to make other people great. Because I really believe that there are two types of victories: victories that you win and somebody must lose, and the other type of victory which I call true victory, where you can be your greatest self, the most excellent that you can be, the most committed and dedicated to your own best that you can be, all by helping others win as well. Because we all want different things, sometimes we want things that are very close, but we all want different things; and so, greatness is seeing this in yourself and seeing it within others as well. You know, there is a fine line between victim and victory, it’s just a couple of letters, and really, you choose. A true victory for yourself (every day is not going to be a great day, because we are humans, but most of the days,) if you are choosing victory for you, you’re choosing to show up as your best self, and it’s all about showing up the best that you can be. It’s not so much about being in competition with somebody else, it’s about being better than you were yesterday, better than you were two days before, improving upon yourself, becoming your best version, and inspiring others through you and uplift others through your example, and through your journey. And that can be a large group or a small group, it doesn’t matter. If it’s just one person, you already changed the world. You know, it makes me think of an example. Often, we ask people “How are you?” but we don’t really care about the answer. Well, the answer is important, because the answer will tell us something about the other person. And we can be that light; we can be that guidance; we can be that hug; we can be these words that will make the other person’s day better. And so, caring about the answer to “How are you?” is very important because if the answer is “not good” and you can do something about it, well, you’ve just changed somebody’s life. And that doesn’t require a million dollars. Most often it doesn’t. It requires a kind word, it requires the ability to see another and to hear another for who they are, and not for who you would like them to be or for the answer you would like to give back while they’re speaking. It’s about listening to them, it’s about hearing them, and helping them have a better day for example, or helping them coming closer to their goals. That’s what greatness is. It’s a commitment and a dedication to be your best self, but also seeing others and uplifting them.

G: Yes, it’s also excellence. It’s also the ultimate mastery. It’s also showing up every day to master your art. It’s one more basketball in the basket for example. It’s one more training that you know by heart. It’s visualizing. It’s being it so much that greatness comes through your art, whatever it is.

S: Yes, and it’s that one more run, you know. Do you have it in you or are you going to make an excuse and say “I can’t take it anymore”, “I’m tired” or “I’ve done enough” or do you have one more run inside of you? Do you have one more visualization of your bike ride inside of you, of your basket inside of you, of your day inside of you, of your speech inside of you, can you run through it one more time, two more times, three more times? Or are you going to be the one who says “Ah! 90% is good enough, is well enough, you know, 95% is well enough, that’s more than most people would do” or will you strive for the one more percent, for the two more percent, for the three more percent and give it your all?

Because at the beginning of each day, you look yourself in the eyes, when you look at yourself in the mirror. And in the evening, you are the last person who looks at yourself in the mirror as well. And so, it’s important that when you look at yourself in your own eyes, you know that you have done your utmost, whatever that may be. And your utmost is going to be different from the next guy or the next lady. But it’s about knowing that that day, you have done the most that you can. Not what somebody else thinks you can, because they are not living your life. They are not running your race; they are not breathing you. You are breathing you. So, you know how much more you could have done. And it’s about showing up every day and being committed to that excellence, to the best that you can be, and being dedicated to it. And not listening to the outside noises, the judgements of others, the ideas of others, because nobody else is in your body. Nobody else feels your pain, if you’re in pain every day. But, you know, if you showed up, and gave your best or you haven’t. And it’s important that when you look yourself in the eyes, at the end of the day, you know that you’ve given your best. And if you haven’t, to really introspect to think about what you can do to make it better tomorrow.

Because we’re not robots, we’re not perfect every day. But it’s about having that introspection and take them out “what didn’t I do today that I can do tomorrow?” without judgement, without beating yourself up. But just looking at the facts.

G: Voila. So, yes, that concludes the subject of today “greatness” and we look forward to talking to you tomorrow.

S: Thank you very much for today, and I just want to say that all of you can be great, all of you can see somebody else and help them up, all of you can give the best of yourself. So, have a happy day, have a great day, and give the best of yourself in every way possible.

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