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(G stands for Gemma; S stands for Sascha)

G: In this series of “How You Too Can Win An Award”, the topic of the day is LOVE, because it’s not only how you love yourself or how you love your spouse, it’s how you love others, how you impact the lives of others, how you change their lives for the better, how you inspire them, because actually, at the end of the day, it’s the others who are recognizing you for impacting their lives by giving you an award, nominating you, or doing something so that you might have one. We can never say 100%, but if you do what you have to do, one thing after another, at some point, it’s going to happen.

S: When you do things from a place of ego, you don’t get up every morning necessarily to give your best, and to show up as the greatest, and to inspire people through yourself, through who you are, and through your work, through your words, through how you carry yourself. When you come from a place of love, well, you wake up and you want to give the best of you. Because that will impact others. And others can be one person or can be a hundred million people, it doesn’t matter. Because the act of love is just to be the greatest, to show up as your best self, I mean. That’s what it means. Because only then you give it your all, and you value other people. And you, by giving your best, you inspire others as well.

Love also means sacrifice. And sacrifice is not a bad thing. Sacrifice means that you do the do. You do what is necessary in order for you to be – or to become – your greatest self from a place of love for others. Because when you love, the world feels it; not everybody, those who are closed to love or blind to love, they will not feel it. But those who are accepting of the frequency of love, they will be impacted. Love is also standing aside or making way so that somebody else can be their greatest self as well and pushing them up. That’s love, and that’s sacrifice in a positive way.

I’m not saying you should sacrifice your life, no, that’s not what I’m saying. But, in order for you to come from a place of love, you have to give it all you have; your all, not somebody else’s all. You are not somebody else, you are yourself. You know what that is for you, to show up and be dedicated and committed to excellence, to your own excellence.

You may be not a star athlete, you may not have the physical strength than somebody else, or the same intelligence than somebody else. But you can have an impact by showing up as your best self and doing the best you can every single day, no matter how other people think, because people can only judge from their perspective, from their point of view, from their own make up. You know, when you look at yourself in the mirror, if you’ve given your all. If you had enough respect for yourself, and for others, to show up with the frequency of love, and to give it your best.

G: Yes, and what we can also add here is that the love you shower upon others, the attention to details, making sure the other person feels the love that you are showering upon them. This is so important. The more you love others, the more they will be able to love you in return, because they will recognize how good you make them feel. And that is the most important part of love. Because love is not about you, love is about others. And it’s about not only the greater part that you can be, it’s about making others feel your love in whatever field you choose.

S: Nothing great has ever happened for yourself or for others if you don’t come from a frequency of love. Love is always thought about love toward another person. But love is really a frequency. It’s the highest frequency you can have, and that kind of love is just that you care. You care enough about other people to show up as your greatest self every day. And every day that may not look the same, because, I mean, for people in pain, one day their pain is greater than another day. But if you show up every day from a frequency of love, then you can achieve great things.

And if you only already changed the life of one person, you’ve already achieved something great. Because you never know what impact you’re being called to have in the world, and you will never know if you don’t show up with love. And people will feel that.

And don’t listen to the nay-sayers and people who will judge you and say you have ulterior motives and whatever. There will always be people who doubt you and doubt what you are about and love. Because they can’t really understand the frequency of love all the time.

And I would say, following up with what we said yesterday, in order to come from a frequency of love for others, that frequency is amplified if you pour love upon yourself. So, go find the one thing or the few things or all the things that you love about yourself, and amplify those, and pour love upon them. Stop pointing toward your faults, stop pointing toward what you don’t have compared to the other guy or the other lady, stop looking at your disadvantages. Look at everything that you have, and pour love on it, and amplify that frequency. And you will see great things will happen not only for you but for so many people, and you will get so much more back from others by coming from love than just coming from a place of ego.

So shift from me-myself-and-I, to them.

G: to them; because it’s not about you, it’s about them, definitely. Do you want to add something else?

S: Well, I just want to pick-up on what we just said about sacrifice. You know, sacrifice is not discarding yourself. You can be great, and somebody else can too. Love is giving the other person the room to be their greatest self, and to accept them for who they are, not for who you want them to be, but for who they are and help them in their own journey and help them become their greatest self. Not more of you, not more of your projection upon them, but really to take them, and listening to them, what it is they want to achieve in one way or another. And we can always have an impact, small, medium or big. If we just try, and if we just come, and we connect to our hearts, and make it not about us, ego, me-myself-and-I, which is in our brains, be reconnect with our hearts and make it about them, and make it about love, and make it about what we love within ourselves, then amplifying that love and giving it to the world, and moving the world up through the frequency of love.

G: So, how you too can win an award, apply this principle of love in every area of your life, and watch the magic happen.

S: Thank you very much for tuning in today. We’ll be back tomorrow, and as always we pour blessings of love over you every day

G: We do

S: Wherever you may be in the world, whoever you may be, and wherever you are on your journey,

G: We always pray for you

S: We love you, and go out, be love, do love, and incorporate love in every cell of your body today for the world, and you’ll see the world responding to you in marvelous beautiful ways.

G: Definitely. Awesome!

Have an amazing day, guys.

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