Gemma is an award-winning transformation leadership specialist featured on CBS 2 and on various podcasts.

She has experienced complete healing and transformation from 15 years of domestic violence and is now leading women to step into the energy of success, to embrace their true nature, and to lead the world by example.

She is an expert in Success Mindset, Reiki Energy Healing, as well as social media and digital marketing.

She followed an IMD Business School executive education, ranked #1 by Financial Times in open education for the 9th year in a row (2012-2020), about Leadership, an MIT executive education about Negotiation, and graduated in 2021 from the Inner MBA program co-hosted by New York University Mindfulness, Sounds True, LinkedIn Mindfulness and Wisdom 2.0.

Gemma Serenity authored the Kindle Amazon book "Dream, Dare, Do. From Domestic Violence to the Mission to Help and Inspire Millions of Individuals to Step into the Energy of Success” in 2018.

Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is a truly inspirational and visionary woman and leader in every sense. She is an authentic woman as she constantly puts others first through her business. She is an entrepreneur of life.

In her business, this Swiss American born and raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland is helping others to raise their star to be among the brightest in the sky of life. Indeed, through her mentoring business she, with her husband & business partner Sascha, is freeing people from trauma, pain, limits, and limitations to help them go above and beyond what they ever thought possible for themselves. Together they have founded the G.N.S. Academy, the Global Network of Success.

You may wonder WHY she has chosen to mentor people to go above and beyond what they ever thought possible for themselves as a line of business. Her life hasn’t always been this rosy as it is today. Gemma knows first hand what it means to be down, wrecked, have very little self-confidence or self-esteem, and to be made to feel like a discarded matter. Gemma is victorious over the worst form of domestic abuse by her former husbands, she was consistently beaten, put down, insulted, berated, degraded, economically abused for 15 long years. She was even raped.

So, it is easy to see why Gemma is an inspirational leader, a rising star in her field, and an empowered woman. She could have easily stayed down and remained in the worst form of domestic abuse. Even after leaving domestic violence she could have easily chosen to remain in her small city in Europe in her small but nevertheless successful career as a tax accountant. She could have easily remained there under the distant pressure and violence of her ex-husbands who destroyed her and her reputation as a woman and person completely even after she left them for good. She could have easily chosen to remain there and be a mother to her children in a terrible setting for them. She could have easily remained where she was even after escaping domestic violence without ever seeing a vision of a better life for herself, her children, and others.

She could have....but instead she chose to put an end to domestic violence. She chose to take the door and bounce back so much stronger and to go above and beyond and become a true role model and inspiration to follow instead of choosing to put an end to her life in every way.

Gemma courageously and heroically held on to her vision, moved halfway across the world to California without speaking English well enough and she built herself up again from the ground, with the help and support of her third husband, Sascha, to become a true example in courage, leadership, and resilience not only for her children, her community but for every woman out there. Instead of staying small and in fear, this courageous woman chose to rise from her ashes like a phoenix and be the guiding star for others so that they never have to be or feel down, wrecked, have very little self-confidence or self-esteem and to be made to feel like discarded matter and be, as well as feel, far less than what they truly are ever again.

Together with Sascha, her husband and business partner, they have been featured on CBS 2 with their work.

She is also an extraordinary mother to her adult son, who now lives in the US with her, and a marvelous wife to her disabled husband, or differently-abled like he likes to say, who should have never walked and who should have been mentally challenged as well as dead by the age of  7, a husband with whom she collaborates and runs her business today.

Further, she also is a very gifted musician, pianist and violinist, and an alumnus of IMD business school, MIT, and New York University Mindfulness, as well as a certified Reiki practitioner. At the heart of everything she does as a woman, a leader, a wife, a mother, a mentor and as a member of her community are LOVE, RESPECT, TRUST and INTEGRITY.

Through her journey to this point, Gemma has shown extraordinary and exemplary leadership, resilience, courage, strength, and vision. Gemma has chosen to raise her expectations for herself and rise by being a North Star, a guiding light for others.

For all these reasons Gemma deserves to be recognized as a Leader, a Master, an Example, and to show to the world that you can indeed go above and beyond what you ever thought possible and even bounce back from the worst and rise to the top. Yes, you can even be welcomed with open arms by your peers and be recognized by others for your courage, vision and example.

What a powerful message this sends to every girl and woman out there that you can rise out of any situation, and that no situation ever defines you.

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