Larger Learning Community
Financing Structure

Here are the fixed recurring costs of running the larger learning community, so that you to know where your money is going for the larger learning community as you participate with what you can.

Yearly costs that have been paid for thank to your support

ZOOM is paid until September 14th, 2022 to host up to 100 people at the same time for an unlimited amount of time.

AWeber is paid for 3 months until December 28th, 2021.

Wix is paid for 1 month until October 15th, 2021

Recurring monthly fees

Here is the breakdown of the recurring fees to make it work.


This is the service that allows all of you to receive email reminders all at once to save tremendous time.

Currently, we are paying $19.00 per month, every month.

There is the option of an annual payment of $193.80 to save on the total cost or of quarterly payments of $49.00. - In September, I was able to choose the quarterly payment with your memberships.


This is the platform that hosts this website with an unlimited number of pages. 

Currently, we are paying $30.00 per month for the general website + $4.99 per month for the calendar events as they are listed on the home page.

We could switch to an annual payment or for 2 or 3 years in one go for much less when compared to the monthly fee. As always, the monthly fee is more expensive than the bulk when we add it up.

- In September 2021, I have been able to pay for the website hosting with your membership, which is a first! I'm grateful for your support, and more committed than ever to host the larger learning community for us to be a beloved authentic community.

Gemma's time & leadership

I've created and run this larger learning community since December 5th, 2020, every week consistently, hosting 2 meetings every week, and getting ready for them as well as all of you during the Inner MBA program. Now that the Inner MBA program is over, my commitment is slightly bigger, as I stay on the lookout for great talks to share with you all, so that we can have common topics to talk about and to weave in our personal stories during our meetings, and I'm more active on the Inner MBA LinkedIn Alumni group, to continue to bring people in. 

I plan on being compensated for my commitment to the larger learning community when enough members will pay their membership after the recurring costs are covered, and after I got reimbursed for the costs I have covered so far during the first year.

Here is a list of my activities to make it work:

(I'm open to sharing these tasks with some of you, guys!!)

  • From December 2020 until August 2021, hosting 2 weekly 1h-meetings (that sometimes go overtime when we all feel like it)

  • As of September 2021, hosting the 2 1h-meetings every other week 

  • regularly preparing and sending out emails to keep the community engaged and together

  • answering to the individual emails from the larger learning community members

  • having created and regularly updating the larger learning community's webpage

  • providing tax-deductible invoices for members who pay their memberships

  • inviting new alumni & current students to join our community

  • managing difficult conversations when they arise (spoken & written)

  • same as all of you, getting ready and up to date with the topics we are going to talk about

  • planning out the future of the larger learning community, as well as the upcoming topics

  • creating a strategy for the future, holding the vision for our group and sharing it with you all

  • whatever other activity arises when running it


You can choose the most appropriate membership for you down here, or contact me if you want to participate with a different amount. Everything is possible as long as we can communicate with each other.


Free or paid, you choose

If you cannot support it financially at the moment, you are still welcome to participate. 

If you can support our group, but do not want a commitment, you can simply send me money directly on my PayPal account, no strings attached, just with gratitude. (You may see L'Amour Toujours Holistic Center, which is the name of my company as registered on PayPal)

$ ? you choose

Gold Monthly

Standard Monthly subscription

Everybody, who is able to do so, is invited to subscribe to the monthly membership to support the larger learning community in the long term.

$19 per month

Gold Yearly

Help us decrease our global costs by supporting it once a year

Once per year, and you're done, except if you feel generous and want to support your larger learning community more, which is always possible :)

$190 per year