4 Ways to Improve your Content Creation

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Social media marketing is an art where you connect with your audience, with the people, with their emotions, and with their beliefs. When you understand who you are addressing, you can create the buzz, viral content, and highly sharable content, because people relate to your piece of content.

Here are the most fundamental pieces of advice I learned from my beloved mentor and adored husband, Sascha Gorokhoff when it comes to personal development and leadership development for yourself as an individual or as part of a team:

  1. NORTH: Be thorough when you write about something

  2. SOUTH: Be clear and contextual, remind your audience of the topic as they can quickly forget it

  3. EAST: Accept reviews and remarks with grace, knowing where it comes from, without judgment or arrogance

  4. WEST: Find creative ways to expand on your topic in interesting ways

So, let’s apply his teachings to this article that you can find here:


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