Sascha is an expert in mentoring. He is the mentor to the mentors, to the high-achievers, and those who want to reach those levels.


Sascha overcame more life challenges than a lot of us could even imagine. He was born in 1978 severely disabled with the worst form of Spina-Bifida (Myelo-Meningocele) with an excess of fluid in his head (a Hydrocephalus), and with Arnold-Chiari II syndrome.


To put it simply, according to the medical community who understands these terms, he should have never walked, been paralyzed from the waist down, mentally challenged, and been dead before the age of 7 (!).


Moreover, he was the son of a mother believed to suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder coupled with Narcissism and she was also hypochondriac. His father died from a heart attack when Sascha was only 16 years old. These are only some of the challenges he overcame, there is more.

Sascha authored a book: "From Victim To Victory, A Leadership Journey, Level 1 Core Principles" available everywhere books are sold.


To crown it all, Sascha holds 2 Bachelors and 1 Certificate from Webster University, and 1 Master's degree from Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in addition to 2 executive education certificates from IMD Business school ranked #1 by Financial Times in open education for the 9th year in a row (2012-2020)

Beyond getting his academic education, Sascha is an avid reader, going through an average of 40 full books a year since his teenage years beside staying up to date with the world affairs. He has fully read well over 500 books so far about subjects as vast and diverse as politics, finance, biography, science, psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics, technology, history, geography, geo-politics, and more.


Sascha fluently speaks English, French, German, and Swiss-German.

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About Sascha

Sascha, who speaks fluent English, French, and German, through his work, is empowering and inspiriting others to go above and beyond what they ever thought they could. Through his life tested principles and methods he is helping you to rise above and be fully all that YOU can be. Contact him for speaking and/or consulting inquiries. 

Sascha’s story and reason for doing what he is doing


Sascha was born very disabled with a condition called spina bifida, an open back - more precisely in medical terms lumbosacral meningomyelocele, additionally he was born with hydrocephalus and Arnold Chiari II Syndrome. 

What does all of this mean? 


According to the medical community, his disability should have left him in a wheelchair, mentally challenged, and dead at a young age. 

He also was mentally abused by his own mother who committed her life to destroy his in every way possible for 34 long years before she committed suicide hoping she would ruin the rest of his life with it. His father died when he was just 16. At school, he was severely bullied because he was different from the other kids with his disability.


But, for Sascha, these were just a few of the challenges he overcame very successfully in every way in his life. When many would have felt victimized and would have given up a long time ago, Sascha overpowered all of his challenges to beat the odds in every way possible and to rise above and beyond himself. 


Today, he is teaching others how they too can go above and beyond for themselves even when everything seems to be stacked up against them. Sascha does that by teaching you the life-tested principles, and the right usage and combination of those principles, he has used himself to overcome and to be victorious in every way in his life. 

Sascha is a highly inspiriting mentor, consultant, speaker, motivator, thought leader, business owner, and entrepreneur of life.


Sascha is also a former political party delegate at the federal and state level in one of the largest political parties in Switzerland and political executive committee member of the same party, former board member of the largest business club in Geneva (Switzerland), writer and lyricist. 

Sascha is well-traveled and has been in contact with many different cultures and people from many walks of life since a very young age. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff.


Academic Achievements:


Sascha holds an Exec. M.A International Negotiations and Policy Making of the very prestigious Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, an institution of research and higher education dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a particular emphasis on the cross-cutting fields of international relations and development issues.

He is also an alumnus of IMD Business School, the #1 ranked business school for open executive education by Financial Times 8 years in a row.


Additionally, Sascha holds two Bachelors, one in Management and one in Media Communications, and he also holds a certificate in Marketing.

Learn more about Sascha:


You can get his book, From Victim To Victory, A Leadership Journey, Level 1 Core Principles everywhere books are sold.

In this book, Sascha relates, in the first part, the size, intensity, and difficulty of his life challenges (there is more than what has been mentioned here). In the second part, he talks about the 4 core principles he applied to transcend his life and health challenges into outstanding success, or into his true victories so that YOU TOO can simply apply what works to overcome everything that is thrown at you.

As you will read in his book, a "true victory" is a victory that doesn't come at the expense of somebody else, but a victory that makes everybody concerned win, like walking when he was told he could never walk; like going to the best universities when he was told he would be mentally challenged. We all win with Sascha's true victories, because we have him as an active member of society, distilling his wisdom and knowledge to his audience.

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