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Gemma is passionate about helping YOU break free from a highly unsatisfying life with her 28 years of experience honing her leadership skills to give you the shortcut so that you can experience the freedom of time, of choice, and financial.

Every week, you will receive three emails to nudge you to shift your mindset and start living a highly satisfying life. YOU TOO can be victorious in every way, as I have become over time.

Once a week, I publish a video to tell you more about these three practical concepts that you can immediately apply in your life.

I'm passionate about that because I want to alleviate the emotional pain you are going through right now: blame, shame, guilt, anger, frustration, too many responsibilities that are not even yours to bear, ​and staying stuck in your uncomfortable situation that, in a twisted way, you like and still find some interest staying in there.

I spent the last 28 years refining these practical solutions so that YOU can reach YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL. I'm giving you the shortcut of decades of trials and errors, of research, of experiences, of pain, of studies, and countless thoughts.

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Gemma Serenity Gorokhoff is a strong and powerful woman victorious over 15 years of domestic violence, beaten, put down, and even raped. She is known as "the Shift Maker". She is all about that internal shift that changes your entire life for the better.


This Swiss-American born and raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland teaches you in a short time and precise manner, the real-life tested tools, and keys I used to break free from a highly unsatisfying life so that YOU CAN experience the same freedom that she has been experiencing after her healing & transformation inner journey. 

The reason why Gemma is passionate about helping you break free from a highly unsatisfying life is that she spent the last 28 years (since 1993) developing them with countless trials and errors throughout her life.

This is of extreme importance for you as she is giving you the shortcut to your freedom, your success, more money, more love, more time, to make it short to your highly satisfying life.

Gemma teaches you PRACTICAL REAL-LIFE TESTED SOLUTIONS THAT WORK for healthy-minded individuals only.

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Crossing the line between victim and victory

There is a fine line between victim and victory, just a couple of letters, you choose.

- Sascha Gorokhoff

not dis-abled, differently-abled